South Africa 🇿🇦 - UNFORGETTABLE Traveling Experience Leaving PT.3

In this video is us having a little chat with you the viewers whilst showing clips of our journey finally being able to leave South Africa. We went through so many obstacles trying to leave to get to Ghana, but along the way we learned so much!  


This video is here to help anyone who wants to travel to South Africa from the UK or USA, especially during this pandemic. This is our raw unfiltered account on what we did to get to SA when the travel restrictions lifted. It includes our first impressions arriving in Johannesburg, speaking on our next preparations leaving SA to go to Ghana, the PCR tests we had to go through and much more. 

South Africa 🇿🇦 Tips - 5 things that went wrong leaving Lets Talk 2.0

This is our Part 2 video on our crazy journey trying to leave South Africa back in July. In this video you will find us trying to get a Ghana Visa within 24 hours!!

South Africa 🇿🇦 - BIG MISTAKE! Refused Entry To Ghana Tambo Airport PT.1

This video is the start to our crazy journey trying to leave South Africa during the protest back in July. We decided to take a earlier flight out to go Ghana, but one mistake took us through so many loops. 

South Africa - A Day In The Life Of A Expat In Johannesburg 1.0

This video shows our visit to Rosebank Mall for our weekly shopping, followed by visiting one of the apartheid sign which was down the road from where we stay and much more.